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By October 11, 2014

Cellular 3G Customers In Pakistan Reach A Count Of 2.5 Millions

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Cellular 3G Customers In Pakistan

Cellular 3G Customers In Pakistan

It has been confirmed from PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) that till to date, around 2.5 million cellular subscribers in Pakistan are using the newly arrived next-generation 3G technology extensively.

Before the arrival of 3G technology in Pakistan, million users were using broadband 3G services in Pakistan which is grossly close to the current count of 2.5 million cellular 3G subscribers. Is it keeps going on then it is not away that the numbers of subscription broadband in Pakistan will soon get doubled in a short period of just 4 or 5 months after the spectrum auction of 3G and 4G license. It is not worth mentioning that the Internet service providers (ISPs) of Pakistan took at least 6 years to take the subscription of broadband 3G services to the mark of 3.35 millions.

It is also confirmed from some other resources that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority will soon make public about the statistics of 3G users in Pakistan in coming few weeks. PTA is also busy these days in the finalizing steps of its annual report for publication. Stay connected for further updates on the subject with SimsPk on our official facebook and twitter.

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