Zong Sms Packages (Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly)
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Zong Sms Packages (Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly) Subscribe to Zong Sms Packages (Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly)

Zong Sms Packages provide its subscribers an exciting offer to send free sms to any network in Pakistan. Say it all via Zong Sms packages.


In the cutthroat competition amongst the telecom companies in Pakistan, Zong is yet able to retain its position as the most reliable and economical service. It order to retain competitive edge, the company tries best to offer the lowest possible rates, and by providing such a service that people cannot ever think of switching. There is lots of association amongst their customers and the brand, for example, the unique Zong Tune is the most exciting part. Now, coming towards the service, whether calls, internet or SMS, there are varying assortments; these efforts are made so that diversified needs can be catered.



Zong, really say it all is strongly committed to bring the best for the users. For example, Zong SMS bundles, all are directed towards providing the most cheaper and exciting offers to the customers. Through these bundles, people can enjoy amazing offers, almost unlimited offers for weekly, daily and monthly durations. You get it all in lowest possible rates and with best service that you may desire.


You can subscribe easily to the Zong Sms bundle offer by sending an SMS by typing sub to 700 from your zong sim. You can even choose your best suited and required Zong SMS bundle from the details that are given below so that you can make the most from the offers at the minute. There are 4 special sorts of SMS packages are provided by Zong that the customers can select the ones that are best suited for them.


1) Zong Daily SMS Package

2) Zong Weekly SMS Package

3) Zong Fortnightly SMS Package

4) Zong Monthly SMS Package


Zong Daily SMS bucket:
• The subscription charges for this package are Rs.3.99 and the subscription is done by sending an SMS by typing Sub and sending it to 700.
• The numbers of SMS you get are 500 and the numbers of MMS you get are 100. The validity of the package is 24 hours.


Zong Weekly SMS Package:
• To subscribe this package, you shall send an SMS by typing sub to 700.
• The subscription charges are Rs. 10 for the package and in that time you will be able to send messages to any network in Pakistan.
• The number of SMS you get are 1000.
• The validity of the package is 7 days.


Zong Fortnightly SMS Package:
• The subscription of this bucket is done by sending a SMS by typing sub to 700.
• The subscription charges are RS.50 for the package and they give you the chance to send you SMS and MMS to any network of Pakistan.
• The number of free SMS you get are 500.
• The validity of the package is 15 days.



Zong Monthly SMS Package:
• The subscription of the package is done by sending the SMS sub to 700.
• The subscription charges are Rs.80 for package and in that you will be allowed to send free SMS to any number of any networks in Pakistan.
• The number of free SMS you get are 500 per day
• The validity of the package is 30 days.
Following is the list of till date Zong SMS Packages:



Zong Perfect Package

Zong presents Zong Perfect Package for all its new and old Zong customers with which they can subscribe to Zong All Together Bundle Promotions. Zong is always seen active in bringing valued offers and lively campaigns for its prepaid customers. Zong...
Zong Timepey Service

Zong Timepey Service – Enjoy Free Minutes and SMS

Zong always brings exciting and innovative offers for its prepaid and postpaid customers. Again, Zong is here to bring a free offer to its customers. Zong Timepey service is a new offer by Zong that brings free 1000 minutes and free 1000 SMS...

Zong Hybrid Bundles for Voice, SMS Internet Data

Zong introduces hybrid bundles for Voice, Internet and SMS on 9th September, 2014 exclusively for Zong customers. To fulfill the combined need of Zong customers at a fixed price as well as to give them a combined valued comfort level, Zong...
Zong Free Packages

Zong Free Packages

Zong presents Zong Free Packages to its subscribers for the first time in Pakistan. By the subscription of Zong Free Packages, zong customers can select unlimited numbers of friends and family numbers from their contact list and can make them...
Zong Economy Package

Zong Economy Package

Zong has really conquered the cellular network market by bringing in Zong Economy Package for its valued customer. Charges are so mush economical on Zong Economy Package that astonishes its zong subscribers.  Further details of the Zong Economy...
Zong Picture Messages

Zong Picture Messages

Almost every mobile phone has some picture messages in the memory. If you are bored of those classical picture messages then browse the content of download service of Zong telecom. From a wide range of mobile greetings and certain other topics,...
Zong Daily Sms Package @ PKR2.50 + tax!

Zong – Pakistan’s Best Daily SMS Bundle @ PKR2.50 + tax!

Zong’s slogan is “say it all” and SMS is the best service to give words to your thoughts and feelings. Zong is again here to make communication much easier for its valued customers. Apart from zong sms bundle offers, zong presents Pakistan’s...

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