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Zong Call Packages have made it all true that anybody at any pace can deliver his voice to any one residing in any part of the world. Read more the details of Zong Call Packages below.


When all the cellular services are offering call and internet and SMS packages every day, Zong is also not left behind and has come up with some of the finest call packages to ease the lives of its customers. Zong call packages have made it completely true that anybody can deliver his voice to other living in any part of the world. Zong call packages are readily available on both postpaid and prepaid connections. There are several Zong call packages that you can avail depending on your requirements and needs. The call packages that are available on the prepaid connection consist of the following:



• Zong 45
• Zong flutter
• Zong 65
• Aik second packages
• 12 Aanay package
• Fast 50
• Good night offer
• Fast 50


As far as the Zong postpaid call packages are concerned, Nationwide Tariff is accessible that offers the complete and exact information of the low rates call from zong to Zong to any other network in Pakistan and even international roaming.


All of the zong call packages are completely different and all of them have certain unique characteristic in them. For instance, zong Family pack is a unique call package that has not yet been introduced by any other network in Pakistan. The special thing about this package is that only one subscriber will have to pay while the 3 of the subscribers including him as well will be enjoying free talk time amongst themselves.


Distinct voice bundles are now available. These voice bundles are classified on the basis of charges regarding their subscription. They are available and categorized into 3 categories that include Rs.100 bundle, Rs.500 bundle and Rs. 1000 bundle. The specialty of zong voice bundle call packages is that they do not only provide free call time but they even provide free messages to any other network in Pakistan. Therefore say it calls by either calling them or texting them. Zong Super Free number is one of the most super packages ever. It is very unique not only in its specialty but it is unique for the loved ones. Now you can call your special number for free in 24 hours. All you shall do is to subscribe to this offer and then say it all.



Location based charging is also another calling package by Zong that allows the users to call at lesser rates in the location and place of their own. It will provide them the benefit of calling freely at lesser rates. Majority of the networks provide free call packages to their family and friends who are having the same network. However, with zong, it is a great thing to have introduced the zong + 1 call package as it enables the subscribers to call the family and friends at the lesser rates whether they have the zong connection or they are using other network. Following is the list of till date Zong Call Packages:



Zong Perfect Package

Zong presents Zong Perfect Package for all its new and old Zong customers with which they can subscribe to Zong All Together Bundle Promotions. Zong is always seen active in bringing valued offers and lively campaigns for its prepaid customers. Zong...
Zong Timepey Service

Zong Timepey Service – Enjoy Free Minutes and SMS

Zong always brings exciting and innovative offers for its prepaid and postpaid customers. Again, Zong is here to bring a free offer to its customers. Zong Timepey service is a new offer by Zong that brings free 1000 minutes and free 1000 SMS...

Zong Hybrid Bundles for Voice, SMS Internet Data

Zong introduces hybrid bundles for Voice, Internet and SMS on 9th September, 2014 exclusively for Zong customers. To fulfill the combined need of Zong customers at a fixed price as well as to give them a combined valued comfort level, Zong...
Zong Fast 50 offer: More you call, bigger the discount

Zong Fast 50 offer: More you call, bigger the discount

Zong introduces an exciting package plan for its customers with the mane, Zong Fast 50 offer. Zong has already presented many packages that proved very much helpful for Zong customers in making lengthy calls with bigger discounts. Zong fast...

Zong Batooni Flight: Economical International Call Package

Zong brings Zong Batooni Flight package which is a highly affordable package to make international calls worldwide. Zong Batooni Flight offer not only present the lowest international calling rates to the maximum countries but it is available...
Zong Flutter

Zong Flutter – Much more than a usual Package

Zong is a really successful telecom network of Pakistan. Zong present a bunch of affordable packages with quality services for its valued customers. Zong Flutter is among of such remarkable packages that provides the minimum of the rates ever...
Zong Free Packages

Zong Free Packages

Zong presents Zong Free Packages to its subscribers for the first time in Pakistan. By the subscription of Zong Free Packages, zong customers can select unlimited numbers of friends and family numbers from their contact list and can make them...
Zong Karachi Offer

Zong Unlimited Calls for Karachites

Zong offer of unlimited calls was already available in certain big cities including, Lahore, Faisalabad and Multan etc. now it has reached to the biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi. Zong Unlimited Calls for Karachiites can only be enjoyed by...
Zong +1 Offer

Zong +1 Offer

Zong +1 offer is an exciting offer of zong cellular network for its lovely customers. Zong +1 offer has really modified the concept to choose a limited number of friends and family members in Zong circle. Zong +1 offer says that why life is...
Zong Economy Package

Zong Economy Package

Zong has really conquered the cellular network market by bringing in Zong Economy Package for its valued customer. Charges are so mush economical on Zong Economy Package that astonishes its zong subscribers.  Further details of the Zong Economy...

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