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ZongWhen you hear, ‘Say It All’, it has to be no other but Zong. The China Mobile company initiated its operations in Pakistan in the year 2008 and has been a successful venture since then. The network has more than 20 million subscriptions and has left no stone unturned in providing these customers the service they deserve. Introduced with the idea of lowest rates, Zong has a number of services which it offers under its umbrella. Some of the most prominent services put forward by Zong include Time Pey, Circle, Flutter, Corporate Air Lounge and Dialtune.


With Zong come two major options of service; Zong Prepaid and Zong BizXcess. Each contains a number of different packages which you can make use of. When you are a user of the Zong Prepaid, the packages available to you as a prepaid user are as follows:


• Zong Flutter
• Zong 45
• Aik Second Packages
• Zong Economy Packages


On the other hand, Zong BizXcess brings the following packages to its customers:


• All-in-One
• Best Value
• Roll Over Minutes


Each package has its own distinct features so having a connection which is tailor made to your needs is now possible for you! Moreover, if you have minutes left at the end of a package, you can simply roll them over to the next month without a worry. In order to get the BizXcess offer, you can contact the Zong customer support team or download the catalogue available on the Zong website.


With Zong, you can design your own number if you like and book it too! All you need to do is check the availability of your desired number and you will given the number of your choice. Telecom companies are now providing more than just connections and these value added services make the whole experience worthwhile.


You can also get a top up from your friends and relatives abroad with International Zong Top-Up! There are a number of ways credit top up can be done and more information regarding that can be found without a hassle. Some of the recharge options available to Zong users are Mini Load, Yaari Load, scratch cards and recharge validity. You can also connect to the network on a variety of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or by Email.


Zong’s value added services also include offers for your music, games, sports and entertainment needs. Currently, the network carrier has launched a number of different packages which can be subscribed to. The list of new packages by Zong is as follows:


• Pura Balance
• Customer 2 Customer Selling
• Zong Doosra Number
• International Raabta Ticket
• ZONG Golden Numbers
• Facebook Dialup Tunes App
• Good Night Offer
• And many more..


Zong is the name of endless possibilities and you can avail them for lowest prices in town. Switch to the network to get more exciting offers and a service that you will cherish your life! Check out the Zong features today. Following are the Zong Packages:


Zong Pura Balance Offer

Zong Pura Balance Offer – Tax Free Recharge

This is an amazing and unique offer by Zong as compared to other telecom operators in Pk. As government has increased taxes over telecom companies, the subscribers are also effected and paying high tax on each reload and on other services too. ...
Zong Introduces City Specific or LBC Mobile Internet Packages

Zong Introduces City Specific or LBC Mobile Internet Packages

Zong always takes some tremendous step that can help to grow telecom industry in Pakistan. Again, zong is here in the same aspect as it has introduced city specific location based LBC mobile internet packages. With this new offer, zong subscribers...
Zong Sim Lagao Offer 2014

Zong Sim Lagao Offer 2014 – Reconnection Campaign

Zong Sim Lagao Offer 2014 – Zong Reconnection Campaign offers the best prizes if you reconnect to the Zong Network. Offer details are described below: Free Minutes, SMS and GPRS: Put your Zong SIM back in your cell phone and send ‘Y’...
Zong Hajj Offer in Ramadan

Zong Hajj Offer in Ramzan

Zong came up with the great opportunity to win HAJJ package to their subscribers. As all the telecom companies are offering something in a month of Ramzan but Zong has something unique, much more than calls and SMS, offering 60 Tickets to HAJJ...
Zong Circle Club Tariff

Zong Launches Specific Offer for Youth – Zong Circle Club

Zong launched a Zong Circle tariff, specially made for Youth. Recently we have seen that other cellular companies have introduced offers for youth. Now Zong came up for youth and claimed that Zong is offering the lowest charges for youth and...
Zong BizXcess

Zong Launches Postpaid Service BizXcess

BizXcess is the name of the brand new service presented exclusively for Zong postpaid customers. An easy and simple connectivity and communication solution is provided by means of this Zong postpaid service so that its subscribers can make...
Zong Sim Lagao Offer

Zong Sim Lagao Offer – 2013

Zong proudly announces 3 Reconnection – Band SIM Wapis lagao, Mauj Urao offer for all of its subscribers who have no used their Zong sim since 1st of July 2013. This offer is that much attractive that inactive Zong subscribers really...
Zong subscribe with ease

Zong Subscribe with EASE!

Zong brings subscription at its ease not only for a single info sms service, but for four exciting info sms service. Zong subscribe with ease offer provides information service regarding 4 important categories to its valued subscribers.  Further...
Zong Ghar Offer

Zong Ghar Offer

Zong is not a very old cellular network of Pakistan but it has almost beaten all of the famous and successful cellular networks of Pakistan. It all became possible because of the exciting zong packages, promotion and offers which zong brings...
Zong Flutter

Zong Flutter – Much more than a usual Package

Zong is a really successful telecom network of Pakistan. Zong present a bunch of affordable packages with quality services for its valued customers. Zong Flutter is among of such remarkable packages that provides the minimum of the rates ever...