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Warid presents free Warid Internet Packages so that the users can surf at any time on their mobile phones. Warid internet packages provide a speedy internet connection, Read below.


Warid has been recognized as one of the most advanced and reputable mobile networks in Pakistan. This network has always got the great appreciation and a great response from the public because of their excellent and finest packages for their forthcoming and regular customers. They even provide the lowest calling rates for the international and the national people and this is the best feature that has actually made this network so popular in Pakistan. The network is greatly used by the teenagers and the youngster. As all of us know that almost all of the mobile networks are busy in getting the attention of the by their tempting and interesting internet packages, so how can Warid would be stepping back for the users. In the last month, Warid had come with the fascinating internet package, but this time it has again arranged the exact existing offer with the best addition of 10 MB of internet bundle at the charges of Rs.30 every month. If we see the in the previous offer, then Warid had provided 15 MB of internet at Rs.10 every day. Let’s look at the main terms and condition for the activation of the Warid Internet package.



The monthly warid internet bundle allows you to use the internet for the entire month and to get connected with the bundle; you just have to send a message of 10 MB to the number 7777. This will actually serve as the customer with the 10MB of the internet at the charges of Rs.20 for the month.


In the daily warid internet package, the user will be getting the opportunity to take fun from the 15MB of the internet at the charges of Rs.10 per day. To get the package activated, you have to send SMS 15 MB to the number 7777. It will expire at 12am regularly.


One of the most exciting internet package offered by Warid is the 2MB daily internet package. It allows the user to use the internet at the speed of 2MB daily on the required terms and conditions.



All of these internet packages certainly make warid one of the finest mobile networks in the country. This is why shifting to Warid has its own charm because once you use this network, the advantages are countless. The best part is that they are clear on the charges they will be deducting from the balance of the user. Therefore, buy the Warid sim and get the best of the best warid internet packages along with it. You surely will make the best decision of your life. The network coverage is amazing and this means you can use the internet wherever you want. Unlike other networks, Warid does not charge any hidden amount and whatever it charges is mentioned already. Following is the list of till date Warid Internet Packages:


Warid Brings Unlimited Mobile Internet

Warid brings unlimited mobile internet for only Rs. 0.99

Warid presents new unlimited internet offer to all Warid prepaid users. Warid unlimited mobile internet offer facilitates Warid prepaid customers to use unlimited internet for just Rs. 0.99 plus tax as daily charges. This offer is available...
'Glow24' Package for Youth

Warid Glow 24 – New All in One Package for Youth

It is been a long time that none of the call, sms or internet package has been launched by any of the telecom network of Pakistan. Warid has finally broken the ice by bringing an exciting package which has all features of call, sms and internet...
Warid Karachi Offer

Warid offers Unlimited Calls for Karachi – Warid Karachi Offer

Warid Telecom offered unlimited calls for Karachiites with the best rates as compared to the other offers. Not just calls, but with this offer, Warid subscribers can enjoy SMS and as well as Mobile Internet for all day for just Rs. 7.99 per...
Warid Launches Youth Specific Portal

Warid Launches Youth Specific Portal – Warid For Youth

Warid launched youth portal which is full of amazing services that are specifically meant for the young Warid users. Warid Youth Portal is completely packed with all ranges of services that are academic based. Not only this, Warid Youth Portal...
Warid Offers Unlimited Facebook Bundle

Warid Offers Unlimited Facebook Bundle, Free Till April 30th!

Facebook is no doubt of today’s people, especially the young generation. This fact is also taken into consideration by telecom companies. Nearly all of the telecom companies of Pakistan offer different facebook bundle offer but warid facebook...
Warid Sms Craze Offer

Warid Sms Craze Offer

Warid Sms Craze offer is now available for warid users. It brings free sms as well as gprs for its subscribers. So now warid customers can browse internet, share pictures and do texting at very cheap rates because Zem brings the exciting Warid...
Warid Power Pack

Warid Power Pack Offer

Warid power pack offer gives a cocktail of combined benefits of free minutes, sms and gprs. Warid power pack offer again gives the exciting offer for its subscribers to avail not only low rates for sms and calls but they can also use internet...

Warid Muft Hafta Offer

Muft Hafta Offer is presented first time in Pakistan by your beloved and favorite network which is none other than warid telecom. For the ease of the warid customers family, Warid Muft Hafta Offer is available on both warid glow as well as...
Warid Internet Packages

Warid Internet Packages

Now a days, people don’t wait to reach at home or in office to use internet. This day, mobile is more than a mobile. It is itself a whole world because of the internet facilities. Warid presents free warid internet packages so that the users...