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Warid Call Packages provide extremely unbelievable cheap call rate on any network of Pakistan. Along with it, the international calling rates on Warid telecom network are also very exciting.


Warid Call packages offer really unbelievable and cheap call rates on any network all around Pakistan. Moreover, along with it, the international calling rates on warid network are even very much exciting. Zem prepaid, Glow and Zahi postpaid packages offer different call offers and packages in accordance with the choice of their customers. Sunday craze is one package that facilitiates its prepaid customers to be able to stay connected with the loved ones, family and friends after a tiring and a long weekend. The rates are usually very low. Warid crazy nights packages are for the ones who are the real victim of insomnia to talk on a long call. Warid minute package is made to provide the subscribers excellent low calling rates on the basis of minutes so that they are able to deliver the crucial conversations to the people of their concern in just few minutes and that even at a lower calling rate that can be enjoyed only on warid call.



There is a list of certain warid call packages that can surely be enjoyed by the prepaid customers of warid. This list can easily guide them in the rapid selection and the quick subscription to the call package of their own choice that is best suited according to their requirements. Moreover, they can have a comparison in amongst the warid call packages on basis of their rates. The packages are mentioned as follows:


• Apna sheher
• Basic warid calling offer by default
• International call offer
• Power pack i.e for SMS, voice and GPRS offers
• 10 paisa offer
• Karachi offer
• Ghanta offer
• Warid minute package
• Hourly package
• Crazy nites
• Infinite craze
• Sunday craze
• Voice craze


If any subscriber takes the subscription of the Warid power pack offer then he can certainly not only enjoy the warid call package but with it, he can even enjoy the internet option and the free warid messages till the validity of the package to any other network of Pakistan. Warid hourly package is one package that is certainly meant for the people who have long stories to tell every day and that they want to share it with every single person in their contact list. This is why, here is the warid hourly package that offers the users a chance to enjoy the lengthy talking time with a very less charge on the calling time. It I better to say there will be surely no barrier in the long journey of the calls. It is all because f the low rate warid call bundles. Those users who run any sort of business locally and they have to make calls to their employees within the city , then they do not have to worry.



Warid call packages take care of your money and budget by offering the low call prices in the form of warid Apna sheher call bundle. Following is the list of till date Warid Call Packages:



Warid Voice Craze

Warid always offers such exciting and cheaper offers and packages for its prepaid customers that can surely save their big part of money. Warid Voice Craze package is also an addition in the list of low rate calling packages by Warid. With...
Warid Crazy Nites

Warid Crazy Nites

Warid presents Warid Crazy Nites package exclusively for Warid prepaid customers. Now all those Warid customers who are fond of Warid Call Packages can make free calls at night can make the most from Warid Crazy Nites offer. Make unlimited...
Warid Free Call Offer

Warid Free Call Offer – Make Unlimited Free calls to all Mobile networks of Pakistan

Warid Telecom offers an exciting offer for all of its existing active or inactive Warid subscribers to make free unlimited calls to any number or any network of Pakistan. Warid free calls offer brings unlimited free minutes to all networks...
Warid offers reduced rates for Saudi Arabia and UAE

Warid offers Reduced Rates for Saudi Arabia and UAE

Warid telecom presents “International Calling Offer For Saudi Arabia And UAE” exclusively for all Warid prepaid customers that brings reduced calling rates. Now, all Warid prepaid customers can call to both mobile and landline connections...
Warid Brings Ramzan Value Added Services For All Customers

Warid Ramzan Offer – Unlimited Calls and Value Added Services

Warid customers can make unlimited number of calls this Ramzan by subscribing to Warid Ramzan offer. Not only this, Warid also presents Ramzan valued added services for all of its customers. Both of these offers are discussed one by one: Warid...

Glow Introduces the Glow Generation

Warid Glow introduces a new plan for its glow customers, “The Glow Generation” package. Warid glow generation package will be the by-default package on all the new glow sims. With the subscription of this package, glow subscribers can enjoy...
'Glow24' Package for Youth

Warid Glow 24 – New All in One Package for Youth

It is been a long time that none of the call, sms or internet package has been launched by any of the telecom network of Pakistan. Warid has finally broken the ice by bringing an exciting package which has all features of call, sms and internet...
Warid Karachi Offer

Warid offers Unlimited Calls for Karachi – Warid Karachi Offer

Warid Telecom offered unlimited calls for Karachiites with the best rates as compared to the other offers. Not just calls, but with this offer, Warid subscribers can enjoy SMS and as well as Mobile Internet for all day for just Rs. 7.99 per...
Warid Launches Youth Specific Portal

Warid Launches Youth Specific Portal – Warid For Youth

Warid launched youth portal which is full of amazing services that are specifically meant for the young Warid users. Warid Youth Portal is completely packed with all ranges of services that are academic based. Not only this, Warid Youth Portal...
Warid Sim Jagao Ramzan Offer

Warid Unlimited Free Calls – Warid Sim Jagao Ramzan Offer

“Make free Un-limited Calls in a month of Ramzan through Warid’s Sim Jagao Ramzan Offer” Warid Telecom is welcoming their old subscribers back through the amazing Ramzan offer. The customers who have not used their SIM from...

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