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Telenor Call Packages are a class of its own on account of the low rates of its subscription and highly excellent quality. Similarly Telenor djuice also offers valuable Telenor call packages for the ease of their subscribers. No matter which ever is the Telenor call package, it is a class of its own on account of the low rates of its subscription and highly excellent quality. Both of the services of Telenor i.e. djuice and talkshawk provide a wide variety of Telenor call Packages according to the demand, need and budget of the subscriber. We are providing our readers the list of Telenor call packages so that without any wastage of time they can select the Telenor call package of their own choice in a single glance.


Telenor is a great telecom company and it has a class of its own on account of the low rates of the subscription and even great excellent quality. It is a company that takes a complete care of its users and provides them with all the customized packages. The Telenor Call packages are certainly a class and one of their own kinds with lower rates and easy subscriptions making it easy for you to subscribe them. Likewise Telenor Djuice even provides valuable call packages for the comfort and ease of the subscribers. No matter whatever is the package, it is a classic one and proves to be the best one for you. Both the services of Telenor that is Talkshawk and Djuice offer a great variety of Telenor call packages in accordance with the demand and budget of the subscriber. They provide various call packages that are mentioned as below:



• Telenor 2 Paisa offer
• Telenor Mahana Rakhwala offer
• Telenor Super Star offer
• Telenor Meri Pasand offer
• Djuice Free Call offer
• Djuice Minutes Bundle offer
• Djuice Boltay Jao offer
• Djuice Bol Jigar offer


All of these packages by Telenor are meant for the betterment of the users and for their customized needs and wants. The company has an aim to offer great comfort to the users by allowing them to select from this vast range of packages and then allowing them to subscribe so that they can select whatever package they want according to their needs and wants. This means that now the Telenor users can surely have a great chance to subscribe to amazing call packages and then call to their friends and family for a long time and pay less without any doubt. There are countless advantages provided by these calling packages by Telenor.



• These packages by Telenor provide the subscribers a great advantage of selecting the best package they want. The call rates are very low and the subscription process is even easier.
• The call packages provide the user the option to save ample amount of money and then it means that he will not have to recharge more as the packages are very lenient with the rates.
• The network of the packages is great and impressive and they go well with the offers. The network is uninterrupted allowing you to talk freely without any lag or disconnection. With just a click, the call gets connected and then it does not disconnect until you want it. It means that you can have a great time with your friends and loved ones.
• Telenor has an ultimate vision and that is to offer customer service and even great service in the coming time.
• Telenor is surely becoming one of the leading telecom companies in Pakistan.
Following is the list of till date Telenor Call Packages:


12 Ghantay Talkshawk Free Call Offer

12 Ghantay Talkshawk Free Call Offer- Make Unlimited Free Calls

Telenor Talkshawk has always brought exciting offers for its Talkshawk customers. Telenor Talkshawk is again in the spotlight as t presents a brand new exclusive offer “Telenor Talkshawk 12 Ghantay Free Call Offer” for its Talkshawk customers. With...

Telenor 2 Paisa Offer

Telenor is completely owned by the Telenor Group that is an international supplier of the best quality data, voice, content and communication services in more than 12 markets all around Asia and Europe. Telenor group is amongst the biggest...

Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Offer – Monthly Package

Telenor Talkshawk launched new offer, named Mahana Rakhwala Offer. Through this offer, telenor has finished all the confusion of subscribing multiple packages for the users. This is a complete monthly package of almost UN-limited SMS, Calls...
Telenor Super Star Offer

Telenor Launches Super Star Offer – Make Unlimited Free Calls

Telenor has launched Super Star Offer, Actually that was Poora Pakistan Offer that has renamed. The offers are same i.e Make un-limited on-net calls whole day except 7 pm to 10 pm. Subscribers are looking for something that is un-limited, this...
Telenor Revises Talkshawk Packages

Telenor Revises Talkshawk Packages – March 2013

Telenor is a very successful telecom network of Pakistan. Telenor has a good quality of revising almost every of its package and offers from time to time. Telenor either brings some modifications in the tariffs or it completely removes or introduces...
Telenor Talkshawk Meri Pasand Offer

Telenor Talkshawk Meri Pasand Offer

Although so many Call Packages,  SMS bundles and mobile Internet Bundle Packages are offered by nearly all of the cellular networks including Telenor talkshawk, but still sometimes it is seen that the long range of those voice packages, sms...
Djuice Free Call Offer

Djuice Free Call Offer

By subscribing to the Djuice Free call Offer, djuice customers can easily make calls for free at any time. So now matter whether its day or night, Djuice Free call Offer enable its djuice subscribers to enjoy free calls to spread the words...
Djuice Khamoshi Torr Offer

Djuice Khamoshi Torr Offer

Djuice Khamoshi Torr offer present extremely low calling rates for its djuice subscribers. Further details of the Djuice Khamoshi Torr offer are given below. So don’t wait and just subscribe to this exciting offer today! Tariff details are...
Djuice Minutes Bundle Offer

Djuice Minutes Bundle Offer

Djuice Minutes Bundle offer provides free minutes bundles to its djuice subscribers. Not only this, djuice subscribers of Djuice Minutes Bundle offer get an additional advantage of free sms bundles on the subscription of Djuice Minutes Bundle...
Djuice Boltay Jao Offer

Djuice Boltay Jao Offer

Djuice Boltay Jao Offer is specially made for those djuice customers who are so much fond of talking that they never feel tired of lengthy calls. So now Djuice Boltay Jao Offer is here which provide extremely low calling rates. Djuice Boltay...