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Mobilink Jazz is the number one network of Pakistan and has introduced a number of innovative call packages for its beloved customers. These jazz call offers include the following.


Mobilink Jazz is surely the number 1 network of Pakistan and it has introduced various innovative call packages for its customers. People have always been searching for the best call packages of various networks that are provided all day long so that they are able to enjoy a great long conversation with their family and friends. There are various networks that keep on introducing the latest and the most attractive call packages for their customers. Amongst them is Mobilink that provides amazing Jazz call packages for their customers to have a great calling experience.



• Lambi baat offer
• Jazz 50 paisa offer
• GupShup offer
• Jazz IDD free minutes offer
• Jazz Apna sheher offer


One thing that all agree about is that, Jazz is the only telecom company who has formed an emotional connection with its customers. Those who have been using jazz from the beginning are still connected to it. First of all, jazz entered the market as a leader and conquered its worth, and continued to follow the same thing by offering the most authentic, fastest and reliable service. This efficiency, care and relationship connections can be seen in their call packages too. Some of the features that make jazz call packages different from other services include:


• Low prices
• Best service
• No cheating


• Effective rates for calling on other networks too – you would not only see packages favoring jazz numbers.
• Finest network quality
• Best international call rates – this is one service that has given jazz more popularity. People can now call to any place in the world, and that even more less than 4 rs per minute.


The company has identified the need that people cannot afford landline bills, and people from aboard cannot call that often, so jazz solved the problem through making amazing call packages. Now it is simple for a mother to call son, daughter or other loved ones at minimum possible rates. This pleasure can be attained with dropping the call or losing signals, because jazz looks after it.


You will find tailored packages that would easily blend with your needs. You are social and want almost free call package, you get it. Also, if you are someone who does not prefer using more calls can use package that has certain limitations. Likewise, you even have daily, weekly and monthly call packages; this is certainly something to appreciate.



Unlike many other telecom companies, you do not have to wait for hours on the helpline number to get information or subscription of the call packages, the official website, Facebook page and other forums have detailed information. All you have to do is read and understand it – with simple dial codes you easily get your desired call package. Even if you call the representative, your call would be answered immediately, because Mobilink Jazz is brand of the people and they value their customers more than anything. Following is the list of till date Jazz Call Packages Offers:


Mobilink Jazz Champion's Package

Mobilink Jazz Champion’s Package

Mobilink Pakistan proudly introduces a brand new package “Champions Package” that will be a default package on all new Mobilink connections. Mobilink Champions Package offers the best cheapest calling rates to all networks. Plus they can...

Mobilink Jazz Launches Lambi Baat Offer

People have always been looking for the best call packages of different networks that are offered all day long, so that they can enjoy a fine long conversion with their friends and family. There are a lot of networks that keeps on introducing...

Mobilink Jazz 50 Paisa Offer

Mobiilnk Jazz launched 50 Paisa Offer – This is something extra ordinary offer by jazz. Through this, customers can make UN-limited monthly calls at just Rs. 50 Paisa per 30 Seconds to Jazz and also on any other network in Pakistan. How...
Mobilink Jazz Gupshup Offer

Mobilink Introduces GupShup Offer

Mobilink Jazz customers will now enjoy Gupshup Offer‘s unlimited calls from 12 AM to 7 PM at daily charge of Rs. 7 per day without any hidden charges. Customers will have to add up to 20 Friends n Family numbers and make free calls to...
Jazz IDD Free Minutes Offer

Jazz IDD Free Minutes Offer

Mobilink is the number one network of Pakistan and has introduced a number of innovative offers for its beloved customers. Jazz IDD Free Minutes Offer is one of such offers which are really meant for the ease of customers of Mobilink. Mobilink...
Jazz Apna Sheher Offer

Jazz Apna Sheher Offer

Mobilink jazz presents Jazz Apna Sheher Offer for a number of Pakistani people who live in various cities of the country.  By the subscription of Jazz Apna Sheher Offer, Mobilink customers get the opportunity to call a number of Mobilink numbers...
Jazz Easy Old Package

Jazz Easy Old Package

A proverb is it that Old is Gold. This proverb is literally been proved by Mobilink jazz by presenting Jazz Easy-Old package for its valued customers. It is one of the most affordable packages in the range of other Mobilink packages which provides...
Jazz 3 Pay 6 Offer

Jazz 3 Pay 6 Offer

Mobilink is continuing its level best to provide exciting packages for its valued customers. Jazz 3 pay 6 offer is among one of such efforts. Not only this, jazz 3 pay 6 offer can proudly be announced as the biggest offer of 2013. By the subscription...
Jazz Ladies First Package

Jazz Ladies First Package

Jazz Ladies First Package to thank all those ladies who are very special, Each and every day is incomplete without some special relations which brighten up the life. Such relations on the top of the list include sisters, mothers, daughters...
Jazz 24 Ghanta Package

Jazz 24 Ghanta Package

Jazz 24 Ghanta Package by Mobilink is specially tailored for those jazz subscribers who are active 24/7. No matter what is the time or day, they remain enthusiastic. So Jazz 24 Ghanta Package enables such Mobilink customers to remain in touch...