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Mobilink JazzMobilink Jazz is one of the best leading telecommunications services provider in Pakistan with more than 37 million subscribers and the market sharers of almost 34 percent. The headquarters of Mobilink Jazz are in Islamabad. There are different mobile phone networks in Pakistan that has been trying it really very hard to attract different customers with different packages for the calls, SMS and mobile internet. There are countless people who are used to the network of Mobilink Jazz and they really can’t jump to any other network because of the quality services provided by Mobilink for its customers. Mobilink Jazz actually knows how to make permanent clients. This is why a high percentage of people have been using this mobile phone network for ages.


There are countless great packages for the calls and SMS that has been offered by the Mobilink Jazz for their customers. Their packages are known as the best every package with the quality of network. It has also offered different cheap call packages for the clients, but never compromised with the quality of the network. Whatever happens, the network of Mobilink Jazz is always very clear. This is the best thing about this network that makes people use this network. Quality is always important that the rates of the network. This is what people see at first place. If there is no quality of the network, people might refuse to become a customer of that network. This is how the Mobilink Jazz has made thousands of customers their permanent users.


No matter whatever happens, they do not switch to any other networks. Whether Mobilink Jazz offer cheap packages for the calls, SMS or mobile internet or not, people still likes using them. Wherever they go, in any corner of Pakistan, the network of Mobilink Jazz is always available. This makes it really very easy for the people to contact their family members or friends any time they want. This is what people love the most. Apart from this, the Mobilink Jazz also offers the international roaming services for their customers. People can use the mobile network of Mobilink in any other country as well with the roaming turned on. But, the international roaming charges a lot more than the local rates. There are countless people who have been using the Mobilink Jazz network in other countries as well for staying in contact with their friends and family in Pakistan with the roaming services of Jazz.


Many cheap packages for the calls, SMS and also for the mobile internet have been introduced by Mobilink Jazz as well. Different packages have different rates and policies. It all depends what package suits the customers. Some of the most common mobile phone packages that have been introduced by the Mobilink Jazz are Lambi Baat Offer, Super Balance Offer, Ladies Package, Jazz Easy, Jazz Fast, Jazz One, Jazz Budget and so much more. People can select any of these packages that suit them the best and enjoy the cheapest calling rates ever all over Pakistan.

Following are the Mobilink Jazz Packages:


Mobilink Jazz Super Balance Offer

Mobilink Jazz Super Balance Offer – Free Balance Of Rs 100

In Pakistan, different networks have been attracting different customers with their cheap calls and SMS packages. It is not about the network always. It is how the company attracts the customers with what tactics. Among the countless mobile...

Mobilink Jazz Launches Lambi Baat Offer

People have always been looking for the best call packages of different networks that are offered all day long, so that they can enjoy a fine long conversion with their friends and family. There are a lot of networks that keeps on introducing...

Mobilink Jazz 50 Paisa Offer

Mobiilnk Jazz launched 50 Paisa Offer – This is something extra ordinary offer by jazz. Through this, customers can make UN-limited monthly calls at just Rs. 50 Paisa per 30 Seconds to Jazz and also on any other network in Pakistan. How...
Free Facebook Browsing by Mobilink

Free Facebook Browsing Offer by Mobilink

From New Year to 10th of January, Mobilink Jazz giving the gift of free facebook browsing. Enjoy the offer! Following are the details: How to Subscribe: For Subscription, Simply Dial *114*5#. For Bundle Information, Dial *114*5*3#. How to Unsubscribe: To...
Mobilink Jazz Ramzan Offer - Internet Bundle

Mobilink Jazz Ramzan Offer – Mobile Internet Bundle

Mobilink Jazz the Pakistan’s favorite network, presents special unlimited Internet Bundle offer for the special and holy month of Ramzan, Customers can browse the fastest mobile internet from seher to iftar (4am to 6pm) by jazz in just...
Mobilink Offers Missed Call and SMS Service

Mobilink Offers Missed Call and SMS Service When You Do not have Credit

For the first time in Pakistan, Mobilink Jazz offers free Missed Call and Sms Service when you do not have credit in your sim. Yes! That is the amazing offer for Mobilink Jazz customers. They can tell their friends that they are running out...
Mobilink Jazz Brings Free Wikipedia

Mobilink Jazz Brings Free Wikipedia

As we all know the use and importance Wikipedia (The home of information). Its the world’s largest free online information database. Mobilink Jazz is offering free access to its customers to the wiki and named it WikiPedia Zero. The service...
Mobilink Jazz Gupshup Offer

Mobilink Introduces GupShup Offer

Mobilink Jazz customers will now enjoy Gupshup Offer‘s unlimited calls from 12 AM to 7 PM at daily charge of Rs. 7 per day without any hidden charges. Customers will have to add up to 20 Friends n Family numbers and make free calls to...
BlackBerry Q10 by Mobilink

Mobilink Jazz Introduces BlackBerry Q10 in Pakistan

The brand new BlackBerry Q10 has been introduced by Mobilink at a very affordable price of just Rs. 70,000 to its Pakistani customers. The buyers of this exciting phone will be able to have the delightful experience of high technology of Blackberry...
Viber and Nimbuzz Bundles

Mobilink to Offer Viber and Nimbuzz Bundles with Unlimited Usage

Mobilink has joined with Nimbuzz and Viber to provide unlimited, application specific data bundle to its valued prepaid customers at very low rates. By subscribing to these data bundles, Mobilink customers can easily make the most by using...